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St Regis Washington DC Wedding – Unveiling the Elegance

So, you’re tying the knot? First and foremost, congratulations! As an engaged couple, you’re undoubtedly on the hunt for that perfect venue where you can say your “I do’s.” Ever thought of the St Regis in Washington DC? Picture this: an elegant ballroom, the chandeliers casting a soft glow, the historic architecture providing the perfect backdrop, and you, in the center of it all, making cherished memories. It’s not just a wedding venue; it’s an experience. The St Regis Washington DC wedding venue could just be the fairy tale setting you’ve been dreaming of.

Still on the fence? Let’s dive a little deeper.


Introduction to St. Regis Washington DC

Nestled in the heart of the nation’s capital, The St. Regis is not just a hotel but an emblem of elegance and history.

Historical Significance

Having opened its doors in the roaring twenties, the hotel has been a silent witness to history, from hosting glamorous balls to accommodating international dignitaries.

Modern Elegance

St. Regis DC  perfectly marries its illustrious past with contemporary opulence, offering a wedding backdrop that’s both timeless and modern.

Distinctive Ballrooms  at St. Regis DC

Choose from an array of breathtaking ballrooms, each with its unique charm.

The George Washington Room

An epitome of sophistication, the George Washington Room, with its handcrafted wooden interiors and majestic chandeliers, offers an intimate setting perfect for a wedding reception with a guest count of up to 120.

The Astor Ballroom

For those envisioning a grand affair, the Astor Ballroom is the ideal choice. With its high ceilings, exquisite crystal chandeliers, and a capacity to host up to 200 guests, it promises an unforgettable celebration.

The Astor Terrace

For couples dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, the Astor Terrace provides a serene setting amidst lush greenery. It comfortably accommodates 150 guests, making it perfect for a sunset wedding or a cocktail reception.

Key Features of a St. Regis Washington DC Wedding

Opting for St. Regis means choosing an unparalleled experience.

Gourmet Catering

Delight your guests with culinary masterpieces crafted by St. Regis’s top chefs, ensuring every bite is memorable.

Personalized Wedding Packages At St. Regis Washington DC

Celebrate your unique love story with bespoke wedding packages, tailored just for you.

Why Choose St. Regis Washington DC for Your Wedding

It’s the entire package, from location to the tailored experiences that makes St. Regis stand out.

Prestigious Location

A stone’s throw from the White House, the venue promises iconic photo opportunities.

World-Class Service

Experience royal treatment from start to finish, ensuring your day is flawless.

Tailored Experiences

Dream of a winter wonderland or a spring floral theme? The St. Regis team is here to turn your dream into reality.

Tips for Planning a Wedding at St. Regis

Achieving perfection is all about the details.

Booking in Advance

Secure your desired date by booking well in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons.

Customizing Your Menu

Share your preferences and dietary needs, and watch the culinary team craft a menu that’s distinctly you.

St. Regis DC Wedding Florist

Add a touch of floral elegance to your St. Regis DC wedding with Klassy Kreations as your wedding florist. We excel in crafting elegant floral arrangements that align with your vision.  Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your love story is beautifully told through our floral arrangements. Bid farewell to the struggle of finding a florist who truly understands your vision; we’re here to ensure your St. Regis wedding is a truly enchanting floral experience.

Schedule your floral consultation with Klassy Kreations HERE


The St. Regis Washington DC is where dreams meet reality. A wedding here isn’t just an event, but a cherished memory in the making.

The St. Regis Washington DC is where dreams meet reality, offering not just a wedding venue but an entire experience. Once you’ve selected this iconic venue for your special day, elevate the ambiance further with the enchanting floral designs of Klassy Kreations. As your wedding florist, we will craft exquisite floral arrangements that seamlessly blend with the hotel’s grandeur. A wedding at St. Regis adorned with Klassy Kreations’ flowers isn’t just an event; it’s a timeless tale of love and luxury.

FAQs About St. Regis Washington DC

 What’s the seating capacity of The George Washington Room?

 It can accommodate up to 120 guests.

 Can The Astor Terrace be used for receptions as well?

 It’s perfect for cocktail receptions, accommodating up to 150 guests.

How grand is The Astor Ballroom?

The Astor Ballroom can host events for up to 200 guests, making it ideal for a grand wedding celebration.

Do they offer packages that include multiple venue spaces?

 Yes, St. Regis offers comprehensive packages that can include multiple venues, tailored to your needs.

Is there a bridal suite available for preparations?

 Yes, the St. Regis offers luxurious bridal suites for pre-wedding preparations and relaxation.

Whether you are getting married in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, as your wedding florist, we can assist you to craft exquisite floral arrangements that will bring your dream wedding to life.

Searching for elegant wedding floral designs that reflects your vision and creates a memorable experience? 


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