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Designing a Wedding Bouquet that Compliment Your Wedding Dress

Just like your wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry, your bridal bouquet is a fashion accessory that works in tandem with each and every other element. How do I choose a wedding bouquet that compliments your wedding dress (and your other accessories)? Let’s review below.

1. Dress before bouquet: It’s wonderful to have ideas about your overall wedding design in mind as you shop for your dress. Always remember that it’s easier to base your flowers around your dress rather than the reverse!

2. Your Dress: Once you have found your dress, I focus on the details of it. If your dress is opulent and elegant, your bouquet should match that feel. If your dress is simple, consider a bouquet with bolder blooms in order to have a piece that stands out. Perhaps you have chosen a lace dress – look to a bouquet that will not take away from the gorgeous detailing of the fabric.

3. Wedding Location & Design: If your wedding is more formal, a lush round bouquet will look wonderful. However, if your wedding is set in a garden and has a much more organic feel, a looser hand-tied bouquet may be the best option. The idea is for your bouquet to accurately accessorize your look so that it matches the feel rather than clashes.

4. Body Type: Your body type should never decide your bouquet, but it is important to consider. Joy of Clothes presents this point wonderfully, “It is all about following your bodylines when choosing your perfect style and shape for your wedding flower bouquet. That means it should highlight your best body features and visually balance out the rest.”

5. Your Dream Bouquet: Your bouquet should accentuate you and your dress, but it should also represent your dream. What favorite flowers do you wish to include in your bouquet? Your answer to this question is key for creating a bouquet that not only matches your dress but that also represents you, your personal style, and your ideal look.



Whether you are getting married in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, as your wedding florist, we can assist you to craft exquisite floral arrangements that will bring your dream wedding to life.

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