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7 Boutonniere Inspirations| Baltimore Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are more than decorations, or bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. You may think that boutonnieres are only a tiny detail in your wedding planning, but they are an important part of the attire for the groom and groomsmen. The men in the wedding party usually wear black, grey, navy and other neutrals, so the boutonniere adds a spot of color and personality to their look. Traditionally, the boutonniere begins with a single blooming flower, which usually coordinates with the bouquets and other decorations in the wedding.  But today’s weddings often depart from tradition and incorporate accents to make the boutonniere individual. The options can be tailored to fit any kind of wedding  Here are 7 boutonniere inspirations for a theme wedding.

  1. Beach weddings are popular, because who doesn’t love the beach? Small seashells, star fish and sand dollars can easily be combined with beach foliage and flowers.
  2. Perhaps you both love boats, or met on a cruise. Nautical themes can include white rope tied in a variety of sailor’s knots, holding a flower. Or you can use a tiny striped buoy. Miniature accessories are available wherever dollhouse miniatures are sold.
  3. Other popular wedding venues are barns or farms. Burlap and twine can hold small stalks of wheat, twigs, or local wildflowers, for a rustic feel.
  4. Be true to your school. You may have met at school, or perhaps the groom just wants to give a nod to his school traditions. School colors in the boutonniere are a fun touch, as well as a class ring, pin, or other small keepsake from school years.
  5. If you are planning your wedding near Christmas or New Years, a holiday theme is a great choice. Sprigs of pine and red berries, cinnamon sticks, or tiny pine cones dusted with artificial snow are a classic holiday look. For New Years, a white rose, or silver glitter pine, perhaps with a small touch of fur adds extra sparkle.
  6. Do you love The great Gatsby and long for the roaring 20’s? Your boutonniere can show off your style with rhinestones, feathers, silver, pearls, white flowers, and practically anything Art Deco.
  7. If your taste runs more to the Renaissance, look to the forest when creating  your boutonnieres. Lavender and other fragrant herbs are perfect, especially since certain herbs were believed to bring health and prosperity to the couple. Sprigs of cedar, woodsy wildflowers, and birch bark also bring a breath of the forest to your boutonniere.

Whatever you choose, make it special. Make it yours.

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