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Summer Wedding Flowers in season| Wedding Florist DC

If you are getting married this summer, and you are wondering what summer wedding flowers are in season? Today’s post is for you.

There are so many details that go into creating a wedding flower proposal and ultimately debuting your wedding design. One of the most important (and most fun!) topics to explore is the specific

wedding flowers that will be included in your wedding bouquets, arrangements, ceremony designs, and reception décor.

To offer insight into the best blooms available during summer that will help to create a beautiful design and keep your budget in check, I thought I would write today’s blog post. Together, we’ll explore some of the top wedding flowers available and how my team and I like to use them as we create floral arrangements for our Klassy Kreations couples. 

Because we’re all experiencing the summer, I thought I would start by sharing my go-to blooms for the year’s warmest season. Though they’re all slightly different, some of these flowers are readily available whether your wedding date is in June, July, August, fall or spring. Plus, they look beautiful when they’re paired together with other florals, and I think that’s because they all share the same classic, elegant, lush, and timeless qualities.


Why I Love Summer Wedding Flowers:

When I think of the summer, I’m always reminded of the warm weather. It’s thanks in part to the temperatures that each type of flower is able to flourish, and the result almost always includes lush, beautiful gardens overflowing with blooming florals. It’s one of my favorite sights because most gardens include hydrangeas and roses in a complete variety of eye-catching colors! So, both feel all too appropriate to include in in-season summer wedding arrangements. Both flowers also look stunning when paired with lisianthus and Veronica because these varieties also lend themselves to many of the same romantic qualities.   

How to Use Summer Wedding Flowers:

At Klassy Kreations, we are known for our timeless, lush wedding designs. When choosing where and how to incorporate each in-season wedding flower variety, we always try to envision where they will have the greatest impact on your wedding day.

A Flourishing Palette: Unveiling Summer’s Finest Blooms

Peonies: The epitome of summer luxury. Peonies symbolize prosperity, happiness, and romance. Their large, ruffled blooms come in a range of soft and captivating colors, from classic white and blush to pale pink and coral. They are perfect for creating a statement bouquet or adding a touch of grandeur to centerpieces. Peonies are typically available late April or early May through June. They are out-of-season flowers for the rest of the year.

Queen Anne’s Lace: While not technically available only in the summer months, Queen Anne’s Lace thrives in cooler weather and is available from May to October. These delicate white beautiful blooms, with their flat, lace-like heads, add a touch of vintage romance to your arrangements. They pair beautifully with anemones and ranunculus for a charming, almost fairytale look. As a DC wedding florist, we typically use these delicate blooms as a filler or accents in a floral design such as bouquets and flower centerpieces.

Hydrangea: Hydrangea will forever be one of the most versatile wedding flowers because it can be used in so many different elements of wedding floral arrangements. We turn to it the most for wedding ceremony arches, arbors, and chuppahs, and it’s used frequently in altar arrangements. We also love using hydrangea to create classic tall reception centerpieces to sit atop guest tables. 

Lisianthus: Lisianthus combines elegance with a just-picked-from-the-garden feel, so we like to use it in wedding bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. It’s especially fitting if the bride wants each bouquet to have a garden-inspired feel! Thanks to the collection of blooms on each stem, we also use lisianthus for boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. You will often find it included in cocktail arrangements and low centerpieces too! 

Roses: If you were ever hoping to discover the flower that always wins the award for Most Classic, look to roses. Garden roses, standard roses, and spray roses are a few of the varieties of this bloom that are the most popular during the summer. It’s not a surprise that roses have a complete variety of uses in wedding flower designs! The most common colors used are white and ivory roses. Standard roses are frequently used in arches and aisle arrangements, and they’re a favorite for a bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Garden roses sometimes are mistaken for peonies in bridal bouquets, and spray roses are wonderful in wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and low centerpiece designs.  

Blushing Bride Protea: For a truly unique and captivating bloom, consider the Blushing Bride Protea. This South African native boasts a head-turning appearance with pointed petals that range from white/ivory to pale green to pale pink, eventually revealing a blush center, justifying its name. The Blushing Bride Protea offers a longer vase life compared to lilies and adds a touch of textural intrigue to bouquets and centerpieces. While not as readily available as some other summer blooms, its unique beauty and symbolism of transformation make it a special choice for discerning brides on their big day. They are available from June through September.

Veronica: The bridal bouquet is always one of the most important details at a wedding, and the flowers used throughout play starring roles in the design. That’s why I look to Veronica when creating bouquets for summer weddings! This bloom adds height, texture, and soft color to wedding bouquets, and it looks beautiful when paired with any of the other in-season summer flowers. 

Additional Facts About Seasonal Wedding Flowers:

Although hydrangea, lisianthus, roses, and Veronica are all classic summer blooms, a fun fact about hydrangea, lisianthus, and roses is that these colorful blooms are also available year-round! With their lush, garden feel, lisianthus and roses look lovely in summer weddings, but if you look closely you’ll also find them featured in spring wedding flowers or fall and winter wedding designs. I love a flower that can be used during multiple seasons and wedding arrangements!


Beyond the Seasonal Wedding Flowers: A Canvas of Exquisite Textures

While seasonal flowers take center stage in summer wedding bouquets, incorporating complementary textures elevates your arrangements to new heights. Consider these greenery additions:

  • Lush Greenery: Lush greenery, such as seeded eucalyptus, pittosporum, and Italian ruscus, provides a beautiful contrast to the vibrant blooms and adds a touch of organic elegance.
  • Textured Foliages: Foliages with interesting textures, like huckleberry, bupleurum, or maiden hair fern, add depth and visual intrigue to your arrangements.
  • Ornamental Grasses: Delicate plumes of ornamental grasses, such as pampas grass or bunny tails, add a touch of whimsy and movement to centerpieces.

A Symphony of Color: Crafting the Perfect Summer Palette

Summer weddings lend themselves beautifully to a range of color palettes. Here are some inspirational ideas for your wedding day:

  • Romantic Pastels: A timeless choice, a palette of soft pinks, lavenders, and whites evokes a sense of romance and sophistication. This palette pairs beautifully with hydrangeas, peonies, and roses, creating a truly ethereal ambiance.
  • Sunshine Brilliance: Capture the essence of summer with a vibrant palette of yellows, oranges, and corals. This playful combination is perfect for a daytime wedding and pairs beautifully with orange roses, billy balls, orange protea pin cushions, and orange dahlias.
  • Blush & Burgundy: For a touch of drama and elegance, consider a palette of blush pink and burgundy. This sophisticated combination is perfect for creating a statement centerpiece with peonies, garden roses, and calla lilies.
  • Monochromatic Marvel: Make a bold statement with a monochromatic color palette. Opt for a single color blooms in varying shades of pink, ivory, peach, or lavender, to create a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Wedding Floral Budget

While this post showcases a variety of wedding flowers available during peak season, creating a stunning display doesn’t have to break the bank. Discuss your vision and floral budget with your Baltimore florist. They can offer creative suggestions to achieve your desired aesthetic, perhaps by focusing on statement pieces or strategically using seasonal fillers to add volume and texture.


Beyond the Bouquet: Designing Exquisite Floral Accents

Flowers play a vital role beyond the bridal bouquet. Here’s how to incorporate summer blooms throughout your wedding:

  • Ceremony Archway: Transform your ceremony space with a breathtaking floral arch overflowing with seasonal blooms. Lush greenery, hydrangeas, and pops of vibrant color will create a picture-perfect backdrop for your vows.
  • Grand Entrances: Make a lasting impression on your guests with a grand floral entrance adorned with luxurious blooms. Lush greenery climbing pillars, overflowing urns flanking the doorway, or a dramatic floral arch will set the tone for an unforgettable celebration.
  • Luxurious Reception Centerpieces: Create a showstopping tablescape with reception centerpieces. Here are some inspirational ideas

Crystal Clear Elegance: Elevate your centerpieces with exquisite crystal vases or hand-blown glass vessels. Fill them with a combination of hydrangeas, peonies, and garden roses in a monochromatic palette for a timeless and sophisticated look.

Garden Abundance: Evoke the feeling of a lush, overflowing garden with a low-lying centerpiece. Use a footed silver compote filled with a mix of hydrangeas, roses, lisianthus, and textured greenery. Sprawling vines of ivy or seeded eucalyptus can cascade over the edges, creating a natural and romantic ambiance.

Modern Minimalism: For a sleek and contemporary feel, opt for a tall, glass vase filled with a single variety of flower, such as roses, and elegant Phalaenopsis orchids in a vibrant color like white, pink, or purple, for a dramatic impact.

Enchanting Aisle Decor: Guide your guests down the aisle with a touch of floral magic. Scatter delicate rose petals along the aisle runner. Alternatively, elegant pedestals adorned with cascading arrangements of hydrangeas and garden roses at regular intervals.

Unforgettable Farewell: Send your guests off with a sweet token of your appreciation. Design small bud vases or elegantly wrapped boxes filled with a single perfect bloom, such as a peony or garden rose, as a luxurious take-home favor.


Seasonality and Sustainability: A Commitment to Luxury

When selecting your summer blooms, consider partnering with a reputable Maryland wedding florist who prioritizes both seasonality and sustainability. Here’s why:

  • Seasonality: Seasonal flowers are at their peak of freshness, color, and fragrance. This not only translates to a more beautiful aesthetic but also ensures a longer vase life, minimizing waste. Locally sourced flowers also reduce the environmental impact associated with transportation.
  • Sustainability: Working with a florist who prioritizes sustainable practices ensures your blooms are grown ethically and responsibly. This can include using organic fertilizers, minimizing water usage, and supporting local flower farms.

By prioritizing seasonality and sustainability, you can create a luxurious floral experience that celebrates the beauty of summer while minimizing your environmental footprint.

A Final Note: Tailoring Your Floral Experience

The key to creating the most stunning flowers lies in tailoring them to your style and the overall theme of your wedding. Discuss your vision with your DC or Maryland wedding florist, share inspirational pictures, and don’t be afraid to experiment with unique textural elements and color combinations. Remember, your summer wedding flowers are a symphony of nature’s bounty, waiting to be orchestrated into a masterpiece that reflects your love story.

Embrace the exquisite possibilities of a summer wedding with this guide as your inspiration. Let your chosen florals capture the essence of the season and create a luxurious floral tapestry that sets the stage for your unforgettable celebration.


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