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Summer Wedding Flowers in season| Wedding Florist DC

If you are getting married this summer or in 2023, and you are wondering what summer wedding flowers are in season? Today’s post is for you. There are so many details that go into creating a wedding flower proposal and ultimately debuting your wedding design. And, one of the most important (and most fun!) topics to explore are the specific wedding flowers that will be included in your wedding bouquets, arrangements, ceremony designs, and reception décor. To offer insight into the best blooms available during each season that will help to create a beautiful design that keeps your budget in check, I thought I would launch a new series. Together, we’ll explore four of the top wedding flowers available during each season and how my team and I like to use them as we create for our Klassy Kreations couples. 

Because we’re all experiencing the summer, I thought I would start by sharing four of my go-to blooms for the year’s warmest season. Though they’re all slightly different, all four of these flowers are readily available during June, July, and August. Plus, they look beautiful when they’re paired together, and I think that’s because they all share the same classic, elegant, lush, and timeless qualities. Today, I’m sharing all about hydrangea, lisianthus, roses, and Veronica! 


Why I Love Summer Wedding Flowers:

When I think of the summer, I’m always reminded of the warm weather. It’s thanks in part to the temperatures that each type of flower is able to flourish, and the result almost always includes lush, beautiful gardens overflowing with blooming florals. It’s one of my favorite sights because most gardens include hydrangeas and roses in a complete variety of eye-catching colors! So, both feel all too appropriate to include in in-season summer wedding arrangements. Both flowers also look stunning when paired with lisianthus and Veronica because these varieties also lend themselves to many of the same romantic qualities.   

How to Use Summer Wedding Flowers:

At Klassy Kreations, we are known for our timeless, lush wedding designs. When choosing where and how to incorporate each in-season wedding flower variety, we always try to envision where they will have the greatest impact.

Hydrangea: Hydrangea will forever be one of the most versatile wedding flowers because it can be used in so many different elements of a wedding flower design. We turn to it the most to outfit wedding ceremony arches, arbors, and chuppahs during the ceremony, and it’s used frequently in altar arrangements. We also love using hydrangea to create classic tall centerpieces to sit atop reception tables. 

Lisianthus: Lisianthus combines elegance together with a just-picked-from-the-garden feel, so we like to use it in wedding bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. It’s especially fitting if the bride wants each bouquet to have a garden-inspired feel! Thanks to the collection of blooms on each stem, we also use lisianthus for boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. You will often find it included in cocktail arrangements and low centerpieces too! 

Roses: If you were ever hoping to discover the flower that always wins the award for Most Classic, look to roses. Garden roses, standard roses, and spray roses are a few of the varieties of this bloom that are the most popular during the summer. It’s not a surprise that roses have a complete variety of uses in wedding flower designs! Standard roses are frequently used in arches and aisle arrangements, and they’re a favorite for bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Garden roses sometimes are mistaken for peonies in bridal bouquets, and spray roses are wonderful in boutonnieres and low centerpiece designs.  

Veronica: The bridal bouquet is always one of the most important details at a wedding, and the flowers used throughout plays starring roles in the design. That’s why I look to Veronica when creating bouquets for summer weddings! This bloom adds height, texture, and soft color to wedding bouquets, and it looks beautiful when paired with any of the other in-season summer flowers. 


Additional Facts About Summer Wedding Flowers:

Although hydrangea, lisianthus, roses, and Veronica are all classic summer flowers, a fun fact about hydrangea, lisianthus and roses is they are also available year-round! With their lush, garden feel, lisianthus and roses look lovely at summer weddings, but if you look closely you’ll also find them featured in spring, fall, and winter wedding designs. I love a flower that can be used during multiple seasons!

Are you planning an intimate summer wedding? We’d love to design your bouquets, ceremony décor, or reception centerpieces for your celebration using our go-to summer flowers! Click HERE to learn more about our Intimate Wedding Floral Kollection.

Whether you are getting married in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, as your wedding florist, we can assist you to craft exquisite floral arrangements that will bring your dream wedding to life.

Searching for elegant wedding floral designs that reflects your vision and creates a memorable experience? 


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