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Tradition and Love: Chuppah for Rent

A chuppah for rent will not only beautify your wedding but it will be stress-free. The use of a chuppah is a Jewish wedding tradition. Physically, the chuppah is a four-poled covering that can be in many styles. Let’s take a look at what the chuppah means to the wedding, the couple, and why you may want to rent one for your wedding.

What Is a Chuppah?

A chuppah is a canopy where the couple stands during the ceremony. The tradition calls for the rabbi and both sets of parents to join them. It is not unusual to ask friends or other family members to be there too. In one case, these additions actually hold the chuppah over the couple. It is a literal and visual sign of their support for the union.

The chuppah represents the new home the newlyweds will build as one. The chuppah is an expression of the coupling and creates a ceremonial focal point. There are many ways to style and adorn the chuppah. You can lavish it with lush greenery or beautiful blooms. It can also be a classic setting with simple draping.


How Much Does a Chuppah Cost?

Like buying a car or a house, what you end up paying for a chuppah will vary. You could build your own at the cost of a few hundred dollars. There’s also the option to buy one outright. Couples may use a store-bought archway or trellis and decorate it.

Having one professionally made is certainly a way to go. You’ll have the final say on the details. But you will pay for the privilege. Unfortunately, consider that once you own the chuppah, it’s yours! When the ceremony is over, you’ll have to make arrangements for it.

A great option is to get a chuppah for rent. A rental allows you to get the best possible structure for your wedding on a one-time basis and within a sound budget. You can go basic and spend a few hundred dollars. You can get a quality silk-covered chuppah for up to a couple of thousand. You can go all out and get a lavish flower-draped chuppah with all the bells and whistles. 

What’s best about the rental is the vendor delivers and builds your chuppah before the ceremony. You’re allowed time to take pictures with friends and family. After the ceremony finishes, the chuppah is discreetly disassembled and removed.

If you want to find out more about a chuppah for rent, click here.


Types of Chuppahs

Here are some options for your chuppah.

Draped Chuppah

The conventional chuppah has a draping. Many couples go with silk or velvet, but the material can be anything the couple wants. Traditionally, any covering tends to be white. The structure can come from basic wood. But again, that’s customizable. Rounded poles, or poles with molded bases and more are all on the table. 

Lucite Chuppah

Whether your wedding takes place in a garden or synagogue, a lucite chuppah promises to add elegance and style to the venue. Lucite is scratch-resistant, durable, and crystal clear. These properties mean that the lucite chuppah doesn’t lose its look. No matter how old the structure you rent, it will look fantastic. You can, of course, adorn a lucite chuppah to your preferences.

Greenery and Blooms

Natural decorations add a sense of newness and warmth, especially to outdoor garden ceremonies. Depending on where you rent a chuppah, your limit may be what’s in the vendor’s inventory (though arrangements are certainly possible for an extra expense to match your desires). You can mix myrtle and ivy with peonies or roses, or lemon leaf with snapdragons. The limit is your budget and imagination.

Flowering Branches

There’s a trick gardeners use to trick trees and shrubs into thinking it’s Spring. We call the process “forcing.” It encourages flower buds in colder months. The removed branches, the flowering branches, are used for many projects, including beautifying chuppahs. Flowering branches are diverse. Hawthorn, cherry blossom, and more will delightfully, fill the ceremony with romance and wonderful aromas.

Modern Round Chuppah

Chuppahs are traditionally rectangular. But today, you can rent a modernized version that’s circular. Like any canopy, they can be beautifully decorated simply with sheer or solid fabric or as lavishly as you’d like with flowers, and more. Renting a round chuppah for your wedding ceremony will highlight elegance, creating an enclosure that visualizes the two of you entering a new life.

Chuppah Floral Accessories & Pricing Ranges

To get all the benefits of renting a chuppah, find a DC wedding florist. They work with your budget to give you the best chuppah. In its basic form, you can expect to spend $200 and up for chuppah rental. You can add floral accessories and more expensive draping and ribbons. It’s these accents that push the prices up. It’s not unusual for couples to spend $500 and up for chuppah floral details.


In its rawest form, the chuppah is a canopy: four poles with a roof that can be solid or open. From there, the variations are endless. You can incorporate sentiments and ideas that reflect a personalized sensibility. Though chuppahs are originally a Jewish tradition, the canopy is now popular to all. Couples everywhere love the way the wedding aesthetic chuppahs bring.

You can have a huge, grandly designed chuppah with colors, fabrics, florals and more. Or, you can have a simplified version with four loved ones holding the poles in support of your union. 

Whatever you do, the goal is for you and your guests to celebrate you as a couple. Standing under the canopy, a couple comes before an assembly to see them bond. It is a powerful visual for the beginning of the nissuin (marriage).

The tradition has evolved over the generations. But in its purest form, the chuppah has one purpose. That’s to signify hope, support, confidence, and love.

We hope you find this information useful as you plan your big day. Your wedding deserves the best. Reach out to a DC wedding florist and let our design team show you the best ways to get a chuppah for rent.

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