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How much for wedding flowers in 2024 | DC Wedding Florist

How much for wedding flowers? We always hear this simple question at the beginning of the planning process. With all the moving parts that go into organizing a wedding, preparing an accurate budget becomes a crucial step. 

Here, we’ll help you understand what to expect from your DC wedding florist. This advice will help you devise an accurate budget for your wedding flowers and to save money along the way.


Money-Saving Tips

Yes, you want a gorgeous design for your special day. But you also need to accomplish this on a budget.

You can create a beautiful floral impact without breaking the bank. Here are some money-saving tips to keep in mind.

Manage Guest Count and Bridal Party Size

You want everyone involved in your big day. However, be aware that the bigger the crowd, the higher the expenses will get. 

This math holds for flowers, as well as every aspect of the wedding. Keep this dynamic in mind when creating your invitation list. 

Stay Open-Minded

Don’t get locked into your first idea. A simple substitution can often make an enormous difference on your bill. Remain open to creative solutions. This way, you’ll get the best arrangement possible, and you’ll get it for an amount you can afford.

Ask Your DC Wedding Florist for Advice

You can enhance your wedding with expert advice. Take advantage of your wedding florist know-how when it comes to flowers.

Be honest with your wedding florist about your budget. They have a deep knowledge of the subject. They can help you achieve the effect you want while staying within your financial requirements.

Re-Use Ceremony Flowers

You’ve heard the old saying: “waste not, want not.” It applies here. If you re-use your ceremony flowers for the reception, you can reduce your floral invoice.

Select a Venue That’s Naturally Beautiful

In the best-case scenario, flowers should accent an already stunning venue. In those circumstances, a little goes a long way. However, when you lean on your floral arrangements to beautify an otherwise drab location, you can go overboard.

Of course, you can’t always afford the most luxurious wedding venue. But if you get creative about a location, you can find naturally beautiful locations within your budget. At that point, you don’t have to rely as heavily on flowers to make the venue special.

How much for wedding flowers? ($10,000 Floral Budget)

So what can you expect from a wedding floral budget of $10,000 ? Here is an example of a floral proposal. This way you can understand the types of costs you’ll likely face: 

100 guest count, with 14 people in the bridal party

  • Wedding party flowers (including bridal bouquet, groom boutonniere; 7 bridesmaids bouquets; 7 groomsmen boutonnieres; 2 corsages)
  • Ceremony Flowers (includes 2 altar arrangements & pedestals. Ceremony arrangements to be repurposed for the reception guest tables)
  • Reception Flowers (includes sweetheart table; 6 low & 2 elevated arrangements. All tables are accented with a collection of candles)
  • Full-Service Production (i.e. unloading all designs; installation of all designs; post-ceremony) and Delivery
  • Post Event Strike (i.e. staff pick up of all rental details after the event)

Total Invoice: $9123.59

While the price tag for floral arrangements can vary widely depending on the bride’s vision and budget, below is a general guideline for the cost of a DC wedding florist’s services for a smaller budget.

How much do flowers typically cost for a wedding? $5000 Floral Budget

You can expect the following costs for a DMV wedding with a 100 guest count and six bridal party count.

  • Wedding party flowers (including bridal bouquet, groom boutonniere, three bridesmaids bouquets, three groomsmen boutonnieres, two corsages)
  • Ceremony flowers (including two altar arrangements and pedestals; ceremony arrangements to be repurposed for the reception guest tables)
  • Reception flowers: (including sweetheart table, eight low arrangements, or centerpieces; all tables are accented with a collection of candles)
  • Full-Service production (unloading all designs, installation of all designs, post-ceremony breakdown) and delivery

Total invoice: $5059

If the above prices seem steep, consider several things. For instance, wholesale wedding flower costs has increased due to the impact of COVID-19 on both growers and transportation.

Also, wedding flower prices cover not just the cost of flowers but also the cost of staff to prepare and design each arrangement; the cost for a florist to run a business, including paying rent and utilities, advertising, paying staff wages for duties such as ordering supplies and assisting couples with planning the details of the wedding and consultations; continuing education to hone the florist’s skills; as well as making a little profit to stay in business.


Tips for Meeting Your Wedding Floral Budget

Before you meet with your florist, you want to have a firm idea of your budget. This information will help your DC wedding florist know exactly what you are looking to spend. In turn, your wedding florist can provide you with options on what is available within your budget.

Another way to keep your floral costs within your budget is to choose in-season flowers. These flowers will come with a lower price tag since they are more plentiful and can often be obtained from local sources, reducing shipping costs. Beautiful seasonal options are available for spring, summer, winter, and fall, so no matter what month your wedding will take place, your wedding florist can find attractive seasonal flowers that won’t break the bank.

Most importantly, your wedding florist can guide you toward affordable yet still eye-catching options that will fit within your overall vision for your big day. Let your florist know what is a must-have (or a must-not) for your ceremony, but try to go into the consultation with an open mind – your florist may have some fantastic ideas that never would have occurred to you.

Determining How Much for Wedding Flowers

Looking for the best DC wedding florist? Your budget will come into play. But you don’t need to skimp on other wedding features to afford the perfect flowers for your big day.

We started off with one big question: how much for wedding flowers? The answer comes down to your expectations. By working with a top DC wedding florist, you can balance cost with a great-looking wedding.

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Whether you are getting married in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia, as your wedding florist, we can assist you to craft exquisite floral arrangements that will bring your dream wedding to life.

Searching for elegant wedding floral designs that reflects your vision and creates a memorable experience? 


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